Error Installing on OnePlus 6

Previously it was able to install the app but now says device not supported when I uninstalled and tried to install on OnePlus 6.

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Please post a screenshot

For new users read this

Still didn’t get the email for the survey mentioned.

same here man, trying to install through Blloc Service Android App, put the invitation code and nothing happened

Yeah, had no luck with this method either.

i got this statement from Blloc’s Discord:

“there has been some issues with the invitation codes saying invalid or unsupported devices. Servers are overloaded and it’s observed few of you haven’t received the survey mail yet. Kindly wait for the survey mail and make sure you fill it. We will also wait for official statement from the Devs.”


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Oh okay, will give it a day or two’s time and let things settle, thanks.

Just now got the invite and it says Oneplus 6 is not supported. Is there a issue from their side or is the model really not supported?

Its supported…just wait for the devs to resolve this issue

Ok. No problem, let them solve the issue.

I tried using the Blloc updater app and it shows no update.

Did you install using blloc desk?

Same issue with Oneplus 7T.

Nope, i downloaded directly to phone using the link for Ratio Lite in the email

@tsuthar18 Are you still having this issue?

Hurray! Its nw fixed…i am onboard !


I got the same problem. but on pixel 3 device. but i managed to install it via Ratio updates. like @fma said, the server are overloaded on May 21