Error Installing - Mi 9T PRO

After Blloc Desk finished downloading the files I get this error.

“Error happened /data/loacl/tmp/bloccmode.apk could not be installed [INSTALL_FAILED_USER_RESTRICTED: Install canceled by user” when I try to install it’s after I enable USB Debugging then just leaving the phone on, I don’t get any permission pop up or anything… ho and the install stops on 10% all of the time. I also tried reinstalling the up and reopening it numerous times…

Mi 9T PRO with Miui.EU rom.

Enable usb debugging security option. File transfer via usb. This will work.

Enable Install via USB. @ReemX44

If this is not working, it is because there is a bug in EU rom that turning on Install via USB doesn’t work, it restricts installation.

In that case, if your phone is rooted, go to /data/data/com.miui.securityccenter/shared_prefs/remote_provider_preferences.xml. And change the “false” to “true” in the line <boolean name=“security_adb_install_enable” value=“false”/>.
Then force stop security app and proceed with installation.

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Install via USB option works but for some reason the lancher seems extremely lacking in content unlike other devices I’ve seen on YouTube .

I will create another topic about that after some testing… Thank you.

Can you elaborate?

Has I already said I will elaborate in a different topic after some testing I’m yet to go in depth to all the features yet…