Error happened cannnot read property 'id' of null

guys i got the invitation link today and i am trying to install using ballocDesk on my oneplus 7 pro and i am getting the following errors:
1- “unsupported device oneplus 7 pro”. once i open ballcdesk
2- “Error happened cannnot read property ‘id’ of null” after downloading ratio,

i got an update for blloc desk now i got a different error
“your device [object object] is not yet supported”

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Same occurrence for Pixel 3, manually loaded apks, but still no luck as on launch get a device not supported force quit.

Thanks for reporting this. We’re currently investigating why this happens

Choose file transfer in usb modes, this should do it.

Choosing file transfer also doesn’t work after the new update

Facing the same problem on my OnePlus 7 Pro