Email, call log, sms and upcoming events in tree

1.Email, sms, call log ,upcoming events, all of system notifications, signal, viber, twitter, fb dm,
2.all major social app support wih merge feeds
3.automatically merge chat with same phone number.
4.add private chat options only with fingerprint lock. Don’t lock all chats
5.Add reply and like reaction shortcut options in instagram ,fb, twitter
6.Add ratio as device manager (like google’s find my device).so we can’t easily unistall ratio.
7.add more accent colors of ratio launcher. We’re bored with yellow accent color.
8.Add in built messenging ringtone for tree notifications. (like facebook messenger) but ringtone should be premium sounds
9.Add in built icon pack with whicons icon pack
10. Fix the battery draining issues.

Big love :heart:


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