E-mail is not registered / does not have an invitation

Dear Team,

I would like to thank you all for the hard work to make this happens.

I received an invitation where i installed the Lite version then I installed Windows version to install the Pro version where i start getting “Code not found or assigned to another phone” so i uninstalled the lite app, tried again with no luck then i found the way to access https://members.blloc.com/login and login there but when i type the email which i recieved the invitation on I’m getting this error “E-mail is not registered / does not have an invitation”.

Please let me know how to reset the code to use the Pro version.

Thanks a lot.

Please Dm me your email so I can pass it to devs :slight_smile:


Appreciate your prompt response :slight_smile:

Sent to devs. I’ll keep you posted once I hear a response.