Drawers on OnePlus 7 Pro

I’ve a OnePlus 7 Pro and the drawers are too high on the screen so they are difficult to reach with one hand. I would also like to know if there is the possibility to delete the stock drawers.

Yes, we can delete them, go to edit drawers in ratio settings / long press on the drawer name.

I can delete only the drawers that I do not the ones that are already there.

As you can see it doesn’t show me the trash can to delete it.

My question was if I could delete the drawers that were already made but I don’t think even if I hope that in the future there would be that possibility.

You will have to move the apps from that particular drawer to delete it…

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Remove apps and you can delete the drawers


Same question here on the position of the drawers. Prior to the recent update, drawers are in the middle. Now it suddenly moved to the top. Hope there could be an option.