Drawers not centred

Hi again~
This, should I call it an issue? Has been bothering me ever since I joined Ratio, that is, the centred drawers aren’t centred when pinned root cards are shown. Maybe it’s just me but I find it weird and so I could never pin more than 1 root card. Maybe give us the option to ignore the spaces occupied by both the pinned root cards and the search bar? Thanks in advance~

Hi @terrence! You should find that your drawers get recentered when you pin a card - and I’ve attached some screenshots. If not, then it sounds like a bug we need to look into. Please can you share some screenshots of how it looks for you? You’re welcome to do it here or via email?

Regarding removing the space between pinned root cards and search bar, apologies but I’m not too sure I understand. Would you be able to give some details or share another screenshot for this issue?

Many thanks!

It is recentred! But that’s exactly the thing I’d like to suggest: Not recentring the drawers!