Drawers are not returning to the middle

Device brand and model: POCO F2 PRO

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Ratio version: 3.2.3:27

Problems encountered when using ratio: After opening several apps from several different drawers, the drawers don’t go back to its original position which is the center.


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Yes. This is a known bug. The devs are looking into it.

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No look by default the drawers should be at the top, that is their optimal position, and if you ask me how do I say so then I would suggest you look at blloc.com

Rather the bug is when the drawers are in the middle and it will be fixed in a future update.

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Very rare it moves to the top. I has this issue one time.

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They changed it to center by default sometime by 3.2.0.
It is for better one hand use.

We have asked for a toggle for centered or on top though.

Currently, a glitch makes it go to the top sometimes.