Drawer icons change

Is there a way to revert drawer icon to original solid circles after changing. Can’t seem to see an option

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Didi you happen to figure it out, wondering myself.

Not sure if this what you’re looking for, but long-pressing each app in the main home screen will bring up a detailed screen which includes advanced options for the app, your usage, and more. There’s an option there for you to customise your app icon as well!

Still havent got it @DeusDedit . @arashnrim arashnrim each drawer can have a tiny animated icon that initiates when you collapse the drawer. However if you opt to use the feature i cant seem to see an option that lets you revert to the default solid round dot.

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Ah, gotcha. I don’t think we can do that at the moment, but you can suggest it to the official wishlist post if you’d like!