Double tap to lock screen?

I cannot do that in my OnePlus 7pro,
Can anyone tell me how can I do that?
I enabled double tap on the tiles to lockscreen option from ratio settings.

Edit :
Restarting Ratio helped.
Double click on the empty space between the search and drawers to lock the screen.

Isn’t working for me too. Was working before, but I just restarted blloc because of an error and isn’t working anymore.

please check accessibility settings for #ratio in system settings

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All settings are enabled
Can you tell me how ?
I mean where should I double tap?

  • all drawers are closed you have black blank screen at the bottom, double tab there
  • inside drawers like say for example 4 apps in a row and 2 apps in another row. In the 2nd row you have some black blank screen in the space of other 2 apps. there you can tap.

these are from my experience with #ratio not official from #bllocteam

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Try restarting your device. I did the same and was able to use it again!

I have OnePlus 7 Pro and the only way to lock screen with double tap is to enable the accessibility and making sure you click on the empty space between the tiles and not on the actual icon. Worked for me. Try that…


Enabled app lock and screen lock in accessibility setting and desable battery optimizer for ratio app

Try accessibility from setting, if it’s on turn it off and then on again, it will work.