Double tap to lock screen and swiping up to close tiles

Here are two more suggestion.

1 Since taps and swipes are deeply integrated with Ratio launcher, double tap on blank screen below the tiles or anywhere on the screen to lock it, would make sense.

  1. Swiping DOWN the screen opens up the previously used tiles, reverse action can be swiping UP from somewhere bottom, maybe when we reach the last app on last tile such as ‘other’ tile, a swipe up to close would look natural.
    I know the reverse action is swiping down again, however when at the bottom of screen as I said above, swiping up would be easy.

Thank you

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If you swipe and hold, it opens all the drawers if there’s one open. If all of them are opened, it will close all of them

Thanks Ismael for the suggestion.
However I am suggesting an alternate swipe option to close the tiles.:v:

Sure! thanks a lot for the suggestions. #1 is already in the works :muscle:

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Sounds awesome


This collapse is possible only if your reach top of the screen right. Say for instance having 100 apps in various tile folders and using swipe and hold to expand. Once you reach the extreme bottom you need to go all the way to top of the screen to collapse the tiles. Instead of the that swiping up at the bottom most tile to collapse would sound convenience.

Won’t this be a better option to collapse apps.

I find the current implementation good. It reduces the distraction.
Simple bottom swipe to open and close the drawers I keep open. I only keep the most used drawer open. So the current implementation works perfect for me.

Open in terms of what. To expand and collapse a particular?
Can you tell me how the tiles expanding and collapse saves my preference while using

I don’t understand your question. Can you elaborate please?

Bottom swipe to open and close the drawer is what you were referring right. How does this saves my preference of tiles to keep particular folder open and close.

It does. Try this.
Close all the drawers manually. Open just one drawer manually. Now try the swipe gesture.