Double tap tiles to lock screen

When I double tap a tile to lock screen it works. But when I unlock, it opens the app which I used for double tap. Is this a bug or how it’s supposed to work, or anything wrong on my phone.

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If you can provide some screenshots or a video, it’ll be helpful. This is the first time we are hearing of this in the community. Also, which version do you have and is it pro or light?

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I am using the lite version. I am not sure if this screenshot helps, but when I double tap on any app, it happens.

On light version, double tap doesn’t work well. Let us wait for the patches :slight_smile:

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Try giving accessibility settings app lock. It will work. But when you switch between launchers it will turnoff. You need to enable it again.

If you have pro version of ratio this will not happen. As it writes secure settings inside android os, so ratio will have that settings turned on always.


Without accessibility, device won’t lock. He’s having issues when unlocked.

The basic idea behind double tap to lock is you tap on empty space and not on any app tile @mnsmns.shankar

@BobbyV8 its not pro feature i guess.

It’s not a pro feature, what @jbriones95 said was it’s buggy on the light version.

What I said was


User was triggering ‘app open’ action while tapping on the app tiles and this he can notice when he unlocks the screen. Double tap correctly locks the screen tho

But now its working anywhere i tap. sometimes if i scroll fast also screen will get locked. is that how it is or i am facing issues

It is understandable for this to happen.

I am also facing this issue

@vishaldasvd274 @mnsmns.shankar screen records could help

I am using the Ratio light but in my case double tap to lock screen doesn’t work any way… Can someone please help?!?

You can also double tap on empty region in drawer view, worked for me flawlessly on my op7 and LG G8s ThinQ with ratio lite version.

On light…its buggy…wait for a patch update

Now I uninstalled and reinstalled Blloc Ratio Pro but still double tap to lock screen doesn’t work for me… Please help!

Have you allowed accessibility settings for app lock?

Yes still it doesn’t work… please help

Turn off accessibility for app lock, restart ratio, turn on accessibility, restart device.

I just followed what you suggested to do but still it is not working…:pensive::disappointed::cry: