Don't delay on tree

I’ve read many reviews on playstore and saw some feedback on YouTuber’s video.
Problem is people are leaving ratio because of tree’s delay. Even they love ratio.
They are eagerly waiting for tree.
They are waiting for you guys to launch tree.


Development is in process, it will be out once ready for public use.

Thread Closed.


I have something to say, as well - please don’t take any offense from this!

The comment you and many others have made serve no greater purpose than being counter-productive. I believe that most of these comments can put more pressure than necessary on the team. This can lead to more mishaps happening in development and a poor experience for all due to pressure to release as soon as possible.

A delay is a delay - there must’ve been a significant reason why Blloc made this decision, also considering that the Tree is an integral part of Ratio. I see your point that many are starting to lose interest due to this delay, but it’s only best for us to let Blloc work on the Tree at their own pace and let them release the Tree when they see fit.