Dock items non-responsive

Hi, I’ve had Ratio for approx 3 weeks but since this morning I’m having an issue with dock items. They are not responding to being clicked, or they need multiple/hard clicks on Android Samsung S21 Ultra. All other items and folders work fine. Started today.

Have you tried to restart Ratio? If so, did that resolve your issue?

Hey @Brage thanks, how do I restart ratio (I’m aware how to restart a normal app but not sure about Ratio). I’ve restarted the phone which didn’t work sadly.

Ratio Settings > General > Restart Ratio

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Thanks guys @daksh16

@rsjkeeley Anytime🤘

is it possible to remove the dock from home screen ???

Just drag and drop dock icons to outside the dock @m.diolas

Thank you very much for your help.the other think when I receive emails the home screen doesn’t show me blinking the yellow light. Why ???

Have you given notification access?

You mean from conversations -use ratio notifications ???


yes exactly

I did it but nothing. I restart also the launcher. Something else maybe from the phone settings ??


Is it showing stable yellow light?

Does WhatsApp work with conversations again? Hasn’t worked on S21 ultra for months, was told it was being fixed in an update but still doesn’t show whatsall despite being activated/permission

It works for me, but I am a Oneplus user