Discussion: Ratio Post-release

Hello there!

I understand that Ratio is still in beta now and there’s still a long way before it makes its way out officially. However, I just have a query and a small concern.

I understand from conversations and the invitation email that Ratio may be a paid product. There’ll also be two products of Ratio, being Pro and Light respectively. I just had a query - will Beta users (i.e., users using and testing Ratio now) be able to use Ratio Pro for free/discounted?

Being a student at the moment means that I don’t exactly have such financial independency for income and all, but I do like the idea of Ratio and running it as my daily launcher. I know that the answer right now is probably inconclusive since we’re still early in the stages in release, so perhaps we could take this as a discussion for when Ratio begins to pick up pace in releasing!

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The blloc team hasn’t decided on it yet. I’m sure they’ll put up an announcement when they decide.

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