Disable notification pill/ignore certain notifications?

I use Signal as my messaging app and have a persistent notification enabled for when it is unlocked that allows me to lock it. However, it is bothersome that this means I always have a notification pill for Signal while it is unlocked. I would either like to have a way to disable the pill, or ignore that kind of notification for Signal. I know the app treats it as a unique category of notification, so this may be possible. Always having a pill for Spotify when I have it playing music is also kind of annoying. This issue with notification pills on apps with persistent notifications is the one thing keeping me from switching to Ratio as my main launcher.

Hi, welcome to the community.
You have 2 options the way I see it.

  1. Long press the app tile then mute notifications. Its one of the options that show up at the bottom.

  2. You can go into your device settings, open where all apps are (where they can be uninstall and permissions are). Once there select the app offending you then you can silence notifications. (I use this option to disable persistent step counter notifications from Samsung Health)

I’ve shown some screenshots where option 2 is for Samsung phones, I’m sure you’ll find the equivalent for your device.

Hope this helps

Right, I could do that, but I want the persistent notifications. This is more of a feature request.

No probs, then perhaps you should direct this to the wishlist thread. This is where you can give ideas on what you may want from Ratio

There is an option to mute a notification for an app. Just long press the icon, which takes you to edit page and select mute.