Dint find any installation file

Hello guy’s.
I have got the invitation from blloc community. But I dint find any installation file. How can I download this blloc ratio launcher?? Need your help.

Thanks in advance :blush:

Hi there!

Welcome to the community! You should have received two emails - one inviting you into the Community website (here), and the other with your invitation code and links to install BllocDesk.

Can you confirm that you had these two emails?

No brother, I just received an invite. I dint find any installation file mail.

You’ll get the invite code in a separate mail. Wait for sometime. Also, check your spam and promotional mail.

Good morning Blloc community,
I can’t able to install the blloc ratio because of code invalid unknown error. I have uploaded the screenshots below. Please help me out.

Thank you.

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Please reset your code here members.blloc.com. Then try it again. But code is used in another device error is not there. May be double check you entered correctly.

I’m using this for the 1st time and there is no other device connected. only my OnePlus 7 Pro is connected. even though I’m getting errors. I have already requested new code and got the same error. Now it’s asking me to wait 24 hours to get a new code.

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Ah OK. If that also not working let us know. May be moderators will help you better