DIdn't recieved verification code till now[RESOLVED]

i even changed my email id from yahoo to gmail to see if it’s the mail problem. But the problem does’nt likely seem to go. HELP!!!

What is the problem?.. :thinking:

i’m unable to get a verification code on blloc desk. what should I do?

i’ve been waiting for approx. 2 hours now

Did you reset the code?

how to reset the code please tell me


it’s asking for a current invitation code

please help!!!

Check your mail for an invitation along with the code…check spam also

Look I just go this

It will be like this…what you got is the community invite

But i think I should have got it by now check the date

when will I get the invite code? Can you tell please

Which device do you use?

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oneplus 7 6gb varient

You will get it…just wait for the time being…

Let’s see. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: