Did not recieve invitation code

Its been 8 hours now since i requested for invitation and still no emails recieved.
Can someone help me?

@trynite23 welcome to the community

Did you checked all folders of your email.

Yes im checking my emails and every folder and still didnt find any invitation code.

Even I am yet to receive an invitation code. Only received the invite link to the community. Been 10 hours now.

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wait, sometimes we may get both mails on same day or sometimes next day. I got after one day i received invitation to community.
Please wait and in the mean time read new user posts and FAQ and difference between pro - lite :slightly_smiling_face:


Trying to login on members.blloc.com also results with nothing.
I have chacked all folders including spam, and there was no invitation code.

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8 hours, man really…???
It’s been 5 months for me and I’m yet to recieve my “Invitation”.

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which device you are using

Xiaomi Mi A3

Your device is not supported yet.
So, Please wait for sometime

Try search " blloc inc" in your mail

Bud I’ve waited for a long long time…
Nothing’s worth that long.

Try searching " blloc inc" in your mail

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I sent invitation to my friend yesterday and he has same issue :disappointed:

you can’t sent invite code. what you shared is the link to join community i guess. is that correct ?

I don’t think blloc enabled to send invite to your user level.

Can you please explain what exactly your issue and what you shared and what issue that person is facing ?

I shared invite to him @China9 using members.blloc.com (I had two invites) and now for some reason I and he can’t login to this site, it just says “An E-mail confirmation has been sent please follow it” but there’s no confirmation in any folder!

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This launcher is still in development not in production. It may take a while to receive the invitation code, so stay tuned.

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haven’t received invitation also, been over a month

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Device and android version? @BobbyV8 and @jbriones95

samsung note 8 android 9

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