Desktop App unavailable for download from Official Website

Hi Team,

            I noticed that the  Desktop App, BllocDesk  is unavailable for download from the official website It is the same case for both Windows and Mac versions of the software. Could you kindly fix it or provide an alternative to download the software? Many thanks.


You mean the blloc desk?

Yes. If you visit and try downloading either of the Mac or Windows versions Im getting an error as below:-

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443

I thought the problem was only with me but somebody else has also tried this and found the issue to be the same. They have reported it on Reddit here:-

The development of BllocDesk has been suspended temporarily, and so therefore Blloc has removed the executables on the backend.

This isn’t a bug, unfortunately. Let’s give them time, although it may take a while!

Theres no use of this for now as of the ratio is in already in the playtore for all.

Thank you for the update Arash. However, Im now in a situation where my system had to be formatted and I need to install the BllockDesk software afresh for which I need the executable. Is there anyway you can share the older stable executable via Google Drive or something? Many thanks again.

Why do you need it though?

For updating the launcher mainly coz I heard from other users that updating via the Bllocservices app within android fails sometimes while with the Bllockdesk, I have not faced such issues ever.

Please take a look at which of the two options match your case:

Your device is the Zero18

Please refer to Sylvia’s post on how to move on; it’s the best advice I can give since I’m personally not a Z18 user:

[Mega Thread] Update failure - BllocOS 3.3.3 - Stuck at "No Command" screen

Your device is not the Zero18

The method of installing Ratio updates via BllocDesk and Blloc Services has been deprecated. The mainstream method to installing and updating Ratio is via the Play Store:

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Thank you Arash. Does this mean that the invite code that was given to us initially for trying out the software is no longer needed or will there be a facility to use this even if we install via the Playstore?

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You don’t need the invite code anymore. Just install via the play store and you are good to go.
For the few extra permissions required, there is ratio tool available when you try to enable it.

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