Desk404 error now

Everytime i enter to the link for download the BllocDesk it kicks me with a 404 error, it’s supposed to be like that for developing?

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The development of BllocDesk has been suspended temporarily by Blloc to place more manpower in the development of Ratio; for more information, see Adham’s post on the future of Ratio:

As a result of this, Blloc has removed the BllocDesk files from the backend, which will lead to a 404 error. It’s highly advised not to get a copy of BllocDesk at the moment as it’s not supported and maintained by Blloc for a while now.

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@arashnrim when will be the bllocdesk available again?

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Blloc mentioned that BllocDesk has been suspended temporarily, but not permanently sunsetted. Hopefully, in due time, Blloc may make the decision to start development on BllocDesk again!