Design suggestions for the settings, search bar and conversations

One of my favorite things about Ratio is its gorgeous design. However, I have some small suggestions to improve various aspects of it:

Arrow indicators in settings

The new organization of the Ratio settings is great! However, it’s a little counter-intuitive to just click on plain text. To indicate that you can click an element to show more settings, maybe an arrow indicator next to the menu items could be helpful? I created a mock-up for it, to show how it could potentially look:

Smooth transitions between search bar icons

Ratio shows a magnifying glass icon in the Tiles search bar. However, when I swipe to Root or Conversations, the switching to another icon is abrupt, without any transition. The text, however, fades out and in. This looks a lot nicer! Maybe we can have something similar for the icons?

Increased padding and line spacing in Conversations

At first, I was a little skeptical to the new Conversations page design, but it has grown on me now! At the same time, I feel like the design of the conversations themselves could get a slight refinement, with a slight increase in padding and line spacing for the bubbles. I think this would give Conversations a tidier feel, and make the text more readable.

That was all I have for now! What do you think about it?