Deleted Images Appear as Corrupted Images

Hey there!

I wanted to clear up the pictures that BllocDesk had synced with my phone, and went to my Pictures folder to remove the contents inside the BllocDesk folder (not the BllocDesk folder itself). When opening BllocDesk, though, I had expected that these pictures to be removed in BllocDesk’s Photos section. What I see instead was this:

When opening an album/category, here’s what shows up:

While this isn’t a critical bug per se, it’s still a minor one. I had expected BllocDesk to refresh this such that there aren’t any pictures here anymore.

Some information about what I’m using, if it helps:

  • MacBook Pro (macOS 10.15.5, running BllocDesk v0.8.1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ (running Ratio v3.2.3:27)

I hope this helps!