Default Icons with color


I was wondering is there a way to make my default app icons in tiles colourful without using moonshine icon pack?
and if not is it possible to add an option to make our icon greyscale or not

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@Sabretooth2438 Hey, no I’m afraid not but I’ve moved your post to the Tiles Wishlist group!

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Why tho. B&W app logo gives me hard time searching for the app

Welcome to the community @shubh!
Ratio is meant to reduce your smartphone usage and, if you haven’t noticed already, colour is one big thing that keeps our eyes on the screen. That’s why it’s in monochrome (I guess)
Meanwhile, you can use the search bar to search for apps if you can’t find them~


It still should be an option, I really want to use the ratio launcher. Colours makes finding icons easier. If the whole pont was greyscale icons that way there is a option for moonshine icon pack. i don’t want to use moonshine icon pack as i am not a fan of material icons.

That’s… a bug, but for now, you can exploit it :joy:

It was not an intended behaviour I believe. The default icons are supposed to be in greyscale.

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