Day 1 of using Ratio - a beginner's experience

Hi all :smiley: ,

Experience so far is great, I like the way we’re headed. I’ve a few observations to share today

I’ve observed considerate lag while using ratio and the monochrome reader stutters while switching between apps. The Recents screen is of regular Android and monochrome engine doesn’t work there.
Fix:(I’m trying out different ways to find a workaround on user side, will update if I manage to do it)

I’ve encountered the issue of not able to move Ratio settings from essentials.
Fix: Restart Ratio

Monochrome view doesn’t work at all, restarting ratio doesn’t fix this.
Fix: Restart device.

I request @moderators about a guide on how to provide logs about the issues we’re facing.

PS: I’m using OnePlus 7TPro McLaren Edition.

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Day 2:

Here are my inputs and observations

  2. Ratio UI suggestions