Data Collection by Ratio - legal Inspection

Im really happy to be involved in this launcher program, but due to some reports and rumours about some theft going on collecting sensitive information from the customers by some app developers but not all, I was worried and I wanna confirm if we as customers can trust you and in blloc that our information is safe when you say u collect information with your launcher. Pls reply with supportive legal claims for proper assurance and confidence in your company.
Thank you.


Hello @garrepallidanielvive, welcome!

Thanks for your query. It’s good practice to know the policies of a company or an application before using it, and your request may help to enlighten others in the future who may want to know more as well.

A thread regarding privacy in Ratio (and Blloc in general) was raised here before, and I’d like to point you to it to see if it may answer some of your queries:

I am not an official member on Blloc’s end, though, so I believe the best option for you to do is to contact one of the @admins regarding your query.

I hope this helps!


You could also define what claims exactly you mean by “supportive legal claims”. That’d make it easier to give you the response you might be waiting for. :yum:

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Hi der,
Thanks for your replies although they weren’t from the app developer or the admin of this forum, I appreciate ur interest and trust in this innovation which even Google Play didn’t approve.
And the long explanation someone provided wasn’t even a solution but it’s their version of asking this same doubt in a more accurate way. My phone is reporting an unseen lag right after ratio was installed so I wanted see what are they trying to fetch from us in such a way a flagship phone would start lagging.
What kind of transperancy level made you guys to trust in this app so much that u risked ur banking, privacy and security details in ur phone to a stranger. Did this app developer pay you guys…? Are u guys working in this company…? Or Are u his close friend or relative…?
You see, I am not an enemy of this app nor do I have any grudge on anything lol. It’s called common sense to state ur transperancy level on a trusted legal ground ( like play store etc.) and not simply think that people are fools to simply trust in you without any sort of strong assurance.
Im simply asking on what grounds is the developer claiming that our information is safe and out of danger.

Thank you


The app is going to the Play Store soon by the way, so since you refer to it as a

that should basically address and invalidate your concerns. Your lag on a flagship is probably due to this app being a beta still (and your phone maybe not being supported), not because of the massive amount of data that is collected. :blush:

In theory you are right, at the moment it’s hard to convince security sensible people that this launcher is not trying to scam you with hard facts. Maybe someone that’s affine with coding could do that, I can’t.

I trust this app because Blloc is a germany based company with a reasonable background (Zero 18). Their website has all information that a company website needs in the imprint. They have formulated terms of service that depict what’s going on. At the moment you’ll either have to trust it or not. If you are not affine enough with coding and Android to see for yourself what the launcher is up to, I doubt a developer could give you arguments you’d understand that would convince you.

It is also worth to be mentioned that I’m not affiliated with Blloc in any way and I’m just a moderator because I’m very active in this forum, so I sort of started from your position and have no hidden interests in convincing people to trust Ratio.

If you are not sure about it, I’d wait until the app goes to the Play Store, that might be the best solution to this.

Still, I’ll tag @olivier in case he wants to add something. :yum:


Yes, thanks for some clarification and also can you state or affirm when will this launcher will be aired into play store…?

Ok, Germany or Britain or an European country has some reputable laws… Doesn’t mean that everything can be trusted just because it came from Germany. No offence but that would be silly IMO. I like to do some homework before jumping to conclusions.

Of course, it is true that I am not a coder and I’m totally into onsite mechanical engineering projects but still there is way to invalidate my security and safety concerns and that is thru play store. I anticipate that this app will be aired into Play Store very soon within the next few days.



I doubt it’s going to be the next days but it’ll eventually get to the Play Store. If that’s the only way to make you feel safe, which is perfectly understandable, you’ll just have to wait for it. :slight_smile:


Ratio Launcher will be available From next month in Google Play Store… It’s not available in play store because it’s still unstable in unsupported devices… Because of that they are trying to test it it on more and more devices with selected beta testers… You can anticipate the Launcher in your trusted Google Play Store by next month! :blush:

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If you have read the long explanation, both the company’s CEO and one of rye developers have replied in that thread, addressing the security concerns which you have. Please do read the thread. It’s quite informative.

Why should it have anything to do with Ratio? Just like any other company, Blloc is also ruled by the GDPR laws. I hope those laws are good enough to ensure data security and privacy.

I don’t understand why people directly go to the shill angle whenever a narrative doesn’t support their theory. I came here and installed blloc just because it suited my needs. I love the launcher and it helped me cut down on the phone usage. That’s it. I don’t have to be paid to use a software which is helping for my benefit.
And just to clear you doubt, I’m just an user like anyone else. I’m not paid by Blloc or their close friend or personal relation to use their software.
I deal with a lot of softwares and roms, which are not on play store (the apps, not roms) and as long as their user agreement is solid, I’m good.

If you think Google is transparent enough, then my friend, you don’t know that transparency is.

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Oi wrath…I gotta give u dis man. Ur a Die hard Ratio boy… :joy:. But seriously, I have every right to be pessimistic and very serious when it comes to my security and safety concerns. I was merely trying to establish a sense of dis trust when it came to a stranger app like this so that I will get the replies that are intended to address this lack of trust.
Now, seeing the way things have come until u came, the replies so far have actually addressed that issue.

About Google, yes I know it ain’t Android Paradise, but still it has some strong grounds to show their serious concern for security and safety of the users. And it’s definitely more than what blloc offers us my ratio boy.

Also, I don’t care how solid or how soft an apps agreement is, I always do this personal check on my part by inquiring in forum and stuff. I call it my common sense. IMO, Trust isn’t something u get for free just like that u see…

Well, this seems to be where constructive discussion is bound to have an end. I’ll have say that I don’t appreciate you calling anyone “die hard ratio boy” as it gets very close to getting a bit more personal than is appropriate in my eyes.

Let’s just end this with saying that everyone has different standards in regard to their security and in what they feel to be secure and what not. That’s okay. Defining security is a pretty hard thing anyways.

Still, let’s just not get too personal, it’s very unneeded. You are free to not use this app until it gets to the play store and we are free to regard it secure enough to use it now. That’s okay.

Oh, and since you mentioned it so often: Common sense also is something thats pretty relative I guess.

I must say though that I’m wondering what kind of information exactly you had hoped to get here. What could the developers say to you to change your mind? Or did you perhaps never intended to consider that from the beginning? I’m really curious about that so please don’t misunderstand my curiosity. Maybe in the future this topic could be handled better if we knew more about the exact kind of information that security sensible people would want.


Indeed. You have every right to be pessimistic.
But you have no right to call others as shill. That’s is why I have the reaction which I usually don’t.

You can always get replies that address your view point, but you have to be open to receive answers which are opposite to your view point.

Google is as much as culprit as others are. Ratio too, I have to admit that doesn’t bring up the point precisely, but are as much for as Google with their security measures.

Let’s not get personal, shall we?

Exactly. Trust isn’t something which you get for free. I had the same doubts as you had, while I started using Ratio, but once I got to know the program better, the devs better, I came to trust them.

But until you gain that trust, it isn’t right to call others as paid shills. I hope you understand my viewpoint on your argument.

Exactly what I wanted to say. Security is a pretty hard thing to define. To everyone, his own.

@garrepallidanielvive I really want to know what you want the devs to answer. You don’t seem to buy anything we users say. You don’t seem to buy anything the CEO and the devs said in the other post which is linked here.
If you don’t like what you see, nobody is forcing you to use this app. Some of us have trusted this app, just like other would trust. If you have serious concerns, wait till it is launched in play store. That should meet your trust standards. Till then, I suggest you lay off calling people shills.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

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Yes thanks for your kind concern and I didn’t mean to be personal or something ( but if I did I’m sorry lol). I already got my answer that this app is gonna be aired in play store next month and thanks for establishing a sense of comfort that it’s gonna happen soon, a relief that I initially never had in this company when I joined this forum.