Dashboard on Blloc Desk NOT WORKING/SYNCING

Device brand and model: POCO F2 Pro

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Ratio version: 3.2.3:27

Problems encountered when using ratio: The rest are working which includes the sync, devices, files, notes. NOT WORKING are Backup and Dashboard. And also, syncing of photos is lagging and kinda slow.


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Is your Ratio Launcher, Blloc Services and BllocDesk all upto date?

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My Launcher is 3.2.3:27, Blloc services is 1.3, Blloc Desk is at 0.8.1

go to
essentials>Ratio settings>permissions and troubleshooting and then click on permission manager

find the option “access app usage statistics” and allow ratio usage access,even if its enabled turn it off and on again and then restart your launcher this should fix your dashboard syncing problem

hope it helps!

It worked! Your brilliant man, thank you!