"Currently pairing" but never pairs

Hey, my Oneplus 6 and my laptop are both connected to the same wifi network. I removed the ethernet cable from the laptop. But I cannot pair my phone to Blloc Desk… I scanned the QR code successfully, but the Ratio app keeps displaying the “Currently pairing…” message.

(( I’m really in love with this project, kind regards from Brazil!!! ))

same here with my pixel 3a, might be a temporary server thing…

When I installed Ratio lite on my OnePlus6, I was able to pair it with Blloc desk,
but since then I’ve uninstalled Ratio lite and installed ratio pro,

I’m not able to pair it with Blloc desk now. It says desktop not connected.

is there a way to remove a device from Blloc Desk app?

I just noticed that on the app, if you turn off bluetooth and try to pair,
it doesn’t even ask to turn bluetooth on! Is it even trying to pair?

@multishiv19 I believe pairing is done through wifi/network so bluetooth doesnt matter. funny enough I did the same: first installed Ratio Lite, BllocDesk Sync worked, then installed Ratio Pro and BllocDesk Sync stopped working…
While I typed this, my phone just connected. Just give it a bit more time. It took about 2-3 minutes. Do not distract it :slight_smile:

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Did you just leave your phone on that page or you continued using it normally?

@pedrorocha I scanned the QR-Code and left the phone untouched

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After reading your response, I relaunched blloc and my device connected too! :smiley: