Creating launcher shortcuts

Hi there,
apparently creating launcher shortcuts from other apps is not supported – at least I cannot add any website shortcuts via Chrome.
As I constantly run low on storage on my phone, I uninstalled quite a lot of apps and use their web version via website shortcuts instead (which, mostly, behave like apps.)
Am I mistaken about the availability of this or, if not, would Blloc consider supporting this in the future?


Hey iwonder!! Welcome to the community. As far as I know, it’s not possible at the moment. It d a great suggestion!!! The team probably will take it into consideration :slight_smile:

If you have extra feedback make sure to keep it coming!

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Hi @iwonder
That’s a great idea that is not supported yet. It not difficult to implement, so we will definitely consider it adding it in the future. Thanks a lot or for joining the community and for giving us feedback!


:+1: I have a few web apps or shortcuts that don’t have any native apps yet, so it would be really useful to be able to pin shortcuts to one of your drawers!

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Has progress been made on this feature request? I too am interested, particularly to support web apps that are in danger of being censored from the App Store and Play store. A website shortcut is easiest way to pin them to the home screen.