Couldn't install ratio on ONE PLUS 7 pro kept loading

Couldn’t install ratio on ONE PLUS 7 pro it kept loading

Can you tell us a bit more? Thank you. Is it the blloc desk, is it the installation, did you not get through step 3? What exactly?

Thanks for posting and being part of the community!

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Good to see instant response !
It was through Block desk, USB debugging was enabled but ratio did not load onto my mobile. It kept saying loading…

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As in, you were not able to see the USB debugging pop up? Or when you click after Step 3, the install stays at 72% or so?

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USB debugging app popped up, It said installing but took very long. How long will it take in normal, how long is the normal wait time.

It did not even reach 1 % but kept showing installing.

Interesting. Are you on a reliable internet connection? Just wondering if that’s it. If not, try to close the program and follow the steps again. Update us here with your findings :slight_smile:

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Ok I will try once again …
Just a query ! will installing Ratio delete my android platform or is it just a launcher

It’s just a launcher! So no worries, you’ll have everything working well even if you uninstall :slight_smile:

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Thank you soo much, Best support ever !

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Just another community member helping out here :slight_smile:



Could anyone help me to do this initial setup on my phone. I am with window7+oneplus7pro setup with this I could only able to reach step3/9. after that my blloc desk does not recognize phone and keep waiting for USB connection mode.

Any idea how to over come this step.

BR, Sumit

I have the same issue on my Pixel 4 XL even with debug mode on. My phone recognised by my MacBook as I can use file transfer but, Blloc app doesn’t recognise it.

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Hi, I have OP7P, and today I solved this problem. When I connected my cell phone to my laptop, using a usb cable, a pop up window popped up if I wanted to install the oneplus usb driver. I installed it, and everything works as it should. Try it, or search for, download and install, usb drivers, for oneplus devices. Good luck.

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@droidsumit @idRidge @ferinokral can you boot into fastboot mode and see what result ‘fastboot devices’ command gives you?

Install universal adb and fastboot system vide and give it a try.

I’d suggest to check fastboot devices and give it a try

can i know why? what’s the difference?

add connects only in the add mode. We need to ensure device is connected even out of it, which is usually fast boot. Most of the issues faced by windows users with android is drivers issue and this is identified with fast boot devices.

AFAIK once you install fast boot system vide, your device should be able to connect without issues and Blloc Desk should work as intended.

Wait! you have it working without issues! sorry wrong tag probably.

I have Oneplus 7 Pro, and I have no problems yet. But still thank you for your interest and willingness.
:+1: :blush: