"could not found or assigned to another phone."

I did a hard reset on my oneplus 7 and afterwards when i’m trying to install blocc on my phone using my laptop its gives me an error on the code that “could not found or assigned to another phone.”

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Hi @dsouzasnedal
Got the same issue a while ago. You need to reset your code and the installation should work.

Go to members.blloc.com, log in and reset your code

Hope this solves your prob

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Yes here’s the solution. Tap once on Steps below

  1. Visit members.blloc.com
  2. Login there using your registered email ID.
  3. Hit ‘Reset Code’ (Note : reset can be done only once in 24 hours)
  4. You’ll get a new code, use it and you’re good to go.

thanks @black

Hi, thanks for help. This worked for me very well :+1:

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