Conversations not up to par with the Tree

Hey hey,
I’ve been holding back the update from Ratio 4 to 5, but yesterday I made the decision to just do it. The first revision of version 5 lacked some essential features for me, but now a lot of them are available again.

But my issue now is that the new Conversations screen isn’t working the same as the older Tree one. I mainly use WhatsApp for communication with my friends but I use a mixture of the app, the website and Ratio to talk to them. Ever since the update (thus when they decided to ditch the accessibility service), I can only see my messages sent through the screen itself. It would be very useful to have the other messages (from the app and website) to show up in the screen as well, that would make the launcher so much more useful.


Yea that would be cool though… But WhatsApp doesn’t allow Dev’s to access their a API like telegram does… This is the reason Conversation page has Received msgs only… That too accessing from “Notification Listener” from Android system. Hope Dev’s may find a solution on this.