+ Conversations Be connected, not consumed. Instead of switching between apps, you swipe between people. Access all your conversations in one place. Read and write in one screen across all platforms

please, someone, explain how to use this feature conversations in one place I don’t even have that feature


@AbdiKKp This is the Tree feature. It’s coming soon. Check the Roadmap post. Thank you!


Ok thank you waiting, please let me know when it is out

this Conversations feature reminds me of the ubiquitous approach that Palm webOS used to have many many years ago (before HP bought them :oS)
so excited to be able to message a contact and not have to stipulate the channel in which i’m interacting with said contact (sms/whatsapp/messenger/etc).
Can. Not. Wait. :smiley:

Is this feature out please?

The Tree/Conversations feature is still under development at the moment; take a look at the public roadmap! Unfortunately, we still don’t have a conclusive answer as to when the 3.3.0 update will roll out, so please be patient.


Will be patient thank you :blush: appreciate you gusy

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