Conversation Tab not supported for Samsung Galaxy A50

The conversation tab where all chats are shown at same place is not supported on my device…there is no option to enable it. Also nothing happens when swiped right.

Hey there!

The conversation tab in question is the Tree! The Tree is an exclusive feature in BllocOS (currently only in Zero18 phones), but the team is working hard to implement it in Ratio! We just have to be patient. :smile:

You may refer to the Roadmap published by the team to take a look at their progress in their planned features! Right now, they plan that the Tree is coming up soon in the next update:

Swiping right should lead you to the Root, a chat-like interface which, in essence, allows you to do quick commands like check the weather and take down notes! If the Root doesn’t appear for you, perhaps you could make a bug report with your device in question.