Come have 1-1 chat with us about your Ratio experience!

Hey! Rūta from Blloc here. :blush:
We wanted to reach out to you guys and ask if you’d like to have a 1-1 chat with us. It’s a chance to give us your personal feedback and to talk about the big picture of Ratio and where we’re going next.

You’ve been amazing in giving us feedback, from the very small everyday bugs, to bigger feature requests, and we are so so grateful for the input.
In this call, we would like to just zoom out a bit and talk about Ratio’s place in the bigger ecosystem of launchers, how it fits into your personal lifestyle and daily routines. To also hear about the problems you’re still facing on your smartphones.

It would be a 15-20 min friendly chat with one of us (me or Sergey).
To book a call, simply follow this link: Calendly - Sergey Barinov

Looking forwards to meet you! :hugs:

p.s. if you have any questions, shoot them below!