Colour switch problem on unsupported device [Ratio Light, SOLVED]

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Ratio version: V3.1.9

Problems encountered when using ratio:

Unable to switch between colour and black and whitewhite mode


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@prime79inovative Please read this

You probably have Ratio Light and an unsupported device. Please also watch this video that explains the differences -->

Yes you are right but can’t we do anything about it.
Also , while using timer the rest button overlap the time setting area

If you are using Ratio Light, not at the moment. You need a supported device to install Pro via Blloc desk and get all the features.

However, we CAN do something about it :slight_smile:. Please post screenshots of your unsupported device and the devs will be able to support it faster. Create a new thread and follow the prompts posting 6 screenshots at least :smiley:

Thanks for understanding.

Also, we are here to help the devs. That’s why this community exists. Thanks for participating here and helping @prime79inovative

Also i had redmi note 7 and it showed some error while i was trying to download ratio on it using blloc desk earlier. It was something about permission not granted to install . It was like 8 or 9 step when it showed this error could pls help??

@prime79inovative Redmi Not 7 can only install Ratio Light. Ratio Pro is only available for Pixel, OnePlus devices via Bllocdesk at the moment. More devices coming soon! :smiley:

Would you introduce pro version for all devices
And the key which i used for my phone jad 1 year pro version subscription for free so will i be able to avail it when Ratio pro is supported with my device or not??

Alao gesture navigation is also not supported in ratio light on my device

@prime79inovative Pro version will be available for all devices (once devs are able to work things out of course) at some point. Thanks for your post with screenshots, this helps the devs fasttrack your device :slight_smile:.

You will be able to use pro once its available for your device. Also, the monetizing path has not been decided, so we don’t know yet. But we expect everyone who signed up for the beta to have the pro version available for them. Thanks for helping out :smiley:

Yes. Gestures issues are normal at the moment. Devs are working on ti :slight_smile:

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I am really thankful for your hardwork and wish you good luck for the work you have been doing.

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