Colors are too saturated (adaptive color in settings disappears)

I know, it depends on the simulation of the color space activated … but why don’t you switch “1” or “0” in the “accessibility_display_daltonizer_enabled” line via shell?


Having the same issue on the P4XL.

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Yeah this is way too intrusive. I think I will uninstall, as removing control over my phone is completely unacceptable!

My Pixel 4 too. Sadly I can’t turn them back to normal. It’s a little bit annoying.

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Ive got the same problem… the calibration feature in the display settings disappeared and now it is set to the way too over saturated “adaptive” that is set as standard - Im running ratio on Pixel 3a and would be very thankful for any clues how to solve this problem!

Can you post a ss of the display setting?

This is it… the option used to be somewhere between these settings

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Is your greyscale turned on in ratio?..if its on then turn it off and check if it resolves the problem

No, I just tried that and nothing changed. I also tried to disable “Color Mode” in the accessibility settings but this didn’t help either. Btw thanks for the quick response!

having the same issue here on Pixel 3. have turned off the app lock and color mode services in Google settings as well as the via switches in ratio settings. colours are Samsung boosted, and no way to change it.

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I have this issue too, on my Pixel 3a. I’ve tried enabling/disabling colours, changing the assistant to ratio/google assistant but the option for changing colours still isn’t there. I wish there was a fix.

Is there a fix now? I just couldn’t stand oversaturated colors.

Noticed this on my 3a too.

I, too, would love to have the “adaptive” colour management back on my device.

Has anyone found a solution to this? Having the same issue on my Pixel 3a, which makes it impossible to accurately edit photos.

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I mentioned in another thread. I uninstalled ratio trying to fix the problem and afterwards discovered if you go to settings-accessibility- colour correction and turn it off. It fixes the problem. Someone mentioned that the settings revert if you still have ratio installed. Sorry it’s not necessarily a fix but something to work with towards a fix.


I had the same problem. The cause is as stated before by some other posters here the simulation of the color space. Ratio activates that option every time it’s started/opened.
I could finally deactivate the oversaturation by denying Ratio’s permission to change the settings on my phone.

This can be achieved using the following adb command:

adb shell pm revoke com.bllocosn android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

After that the simulation of the color space has to be deactivated manually in your phone’s settings. That’s it. The saturation should be normal again.

The disadvantage of this solution is that no more apps can be opened in monochrome mode.