Color switch not working (One Plus 5, Ratio Pro)

Hello everyone,
After a quick look around on the forum I didn’t find anybody with the same problem.

While the greyscale mode work per app basis, I can’t activate color while I’m in an app using the instruction given in the HowTo for OnePlus device.

I’m I missing something obvious ?

Here an example:

From how I understand it, it the same as how you would activate Google assistant with gesture navigation.
All gesture navigation would need to be enabled then the blloc setting for assistant would need to be changed:

Then the swipe would be from bottom right to the middle:

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You need to enable ratio as the default assistant app. And you need to use it as the same way you activate your assistant.
If you are using Google nav gestures, swipe up from the bottom corners.
If you have enabled assistant by short pressing the power button, that too will trigger the color mode.