Color Mode not Working Even After giving persmissions

I was able to grant ratio all the required permissions using ADB tool successfully on my Redmi Note 8 pro. I verified this by visiting the permission manager of ratio and it has all of the permissions. I am even able to switch between grayscale and color mode using assistant button. However, I am unable to turn on grayscale for apps permanently. Any idea why I am facing this issue? I have even turned off “Turn on MIUI Optimizations” from developer options.



On your Ratio Settings > General, this two should be enable.

Thanks for your response. Both of these options are enabled but its still not working.

Sorry man didnt read carefuly your post. In order to have greyscale steady per app you need to disable this

I know this. But togging this button has no effect on color of the application. I don’t know why

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You mean its still in colored not grey?

Yes it was still colored. But i just restarted my phone. And it started working now. Its working correctly now. Thanks for your quick replies.

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