Color Mode not wanting to work [Solved]

I want to enable greyscale but whenever I want to enable it, it says that Blloc does not have enough permissions. I have enabled it in accessibility, but it’s the same.

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Which phone are you using?

Oneplus 6T. I wanted to mention it but I forgot…

Did you give the permissions when installing with Blloc Desk? Also, are your developer options enabled? @devianc3

I installed from the web directly on the phone… Was that a Pro feature and I’m just too stupid to realize? Developer is not on.

Please enable developer options and install through bllocdesk. These are pro features because Bllocdesk allows for certain permissions :slight_smile:


I didn’t have my laptop near by and I thought that the code will magically make the light version into pro. Tomorrow I will reinstall it then, with the app.

Thank you!


Light version doesn’t support it

I don’t want to make a new topic, but can someone tell me what the “verification code” is? I entered my invitation code from the e-mail, but nothing happens. There is just a loading wheel that never stops.

And after a restart it says my phone, Oneplus 6T isn’t supported. However, closing and opening Blloc Desk several times allowed me to try to enter my code again, but still to no avail.

first you have to delete your light version then follow the instruction of blloc desk, it will ask for verification code which is already sent on your provided email id, if the code is not working then try this link please make it sure that your phone is connected properly and it should be in file sharing mode + USB debugging mode should be enabled

I’m having the same problem. When trying to activate the greyscale on an application it says it’s missing permissions, but I have enabled Color Mode permissions within the Accessibility menu to Ratio. I checked also that developer options is enabled. My phone is a Xiaomi Mi 9, and I installed Ratio through the desktop Windows installer.

I had the same Problem on my mi9 than i reinstalled ratio via the App which had admin rights. After that it works. Without admin rights it didnt worked