Code not working on ONEPLUS 6 (A6000)

The code isn’t working on ratio pro nor is it working on ratio light.
On ratio pro it says ‘code does not exist or is being used on another Device’
and on ratio light it says code invalid

Hey welcome to the community. When new users just arrive their codes need to authenticate. Please give it a couple of minutes and try again. Thank you for your patience and again welcome. If after sometime, it doesn’t work, please refer to this thread: No Valid license // Reset Invitation Code yourself

I waited for about 30 min since I received the email and it still didn’t work…
then I tried resetting my code and it says email or code is invalid

please help me out here

@manav Sometimes it takes longer. I am sorry to say. Again, your code will be honored and you will get ratio. Thanks for your patience. This issue is now new and it happens everytime new users are invited to the platform. Thanks for understanding!