'Code Not Found, or assigned to another phone' [Solved]

Genuinely, having a nightmare. Is the code -c- to be included on the code? Light doesn’t work, and the desktop version is a no-go on both Mac and Windows. Am I Missing something obvious?

Reset your code from https://members.blloc.com

Go through FAQ here

Thanks. Tried that though, and it’s telling me that my email and code don’t match.

Edit : They Do match, at least they match how they’re written in the email… I’m still slightly at a loss as to which part of the code provided is to be put in the box (begins with a space then -c-, usually denoting the code is to follow, but none of the iterations work…)

It will match. Make sure you are typing it correctly. know that there will be few issues like…

I & l, O & 0 look same, but not.

I mean, copying and pasting from the email is pretty foolproof… honestly, it’s not working.

It’s ok, just got a code through email. Someone must have sent one over. Thanks!

@bsmeth83 Is it solved?

It is solved. Thanks