Code Not Found after RESET

After I reset my device on which Ratio pro was installed, now I did rest the code but i received no email about it.

The new code works fine in Bllocdesk app but after its installed, it ask again for code and thats where it says CODE NOT FOUND.

Any Solution?

Hi, @Blaaannk! It’s good to have you back.
You can try the code you received the first time you installed Ratio.

That code is invalid too because i did reset the code in members login.

Okay i figured, I and l, one is L and one is I. which is which!!

Now it says “code is already in use”, even after resetting.

Alright, let’s clarify the issue first as I’m having trouble to understand your problem.

You reset your phone and then you reset your code on to get a new code to install Ratio again, is that right?

You said that the new code you got worked fine in BllocDesk but later you got asked again to enter a code and it didn’t work there. When exactly were you asked for a code for a second time? That shouldn’t happen.

Also it’s quite normal not to get the new code per Mail after a reset, I never got a mail for that as well.

Also, which device are you trying to install ratio on?

That is right, I reset my phone and my code.

The second time it asks for the code here.

The NEW code does work in bllocdesk but not on the phone. The messages it says is " Code already used on another phone".

I am using Oneplus7Pro. Also this is the same device Ratio was installed before resets.

If the message says that the code is already used on another phone, have you tried to reset the code again on and then verify again?

already did that, and you can only reset code once in 24 hours.

I suspect that you also uninstalled Ratio, reset the code and tried to install Ratio with the new code again? Maybe @olivier could provide some assistance here. >.<

yes thats what formatting the phone means right? I had to reset the code because it wasn’t accepting the old one.

@Nostalgia is trying to assist your issue. You needn’t be impolite to him.

yes, i’m sorry, didn’t mean to sound rude. @Nostalgia

Good news is that I fixed it. Thanks anyway

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It’s alright. Would you mind sharing how you fixed it for future reference?

Just wait for another 24 hours to reset the code again. :wink: