[Closed] Support the Blloc Team

Good morning everyone!!! I am so grateful for the invite to Ratio. I want to support financially, so please let me know how I can do that. I am sure that all of us using ratio want to give back to this amazing project. I am already recommending it to others and hope that more users embrace this amazing concept. I know it takes hard work, so please let me know how I can help!!!

Also, how public can we share this. I have a YT channel and will love to give a shoutout/review of the product and share on my journey. Let me know :smiley:


That s an excellent idea! I LL be interested in taking part


Thanks a million jbriones95, yes you may share it (or rather please share your positive experience <3 )
Once the product matures to a public stable version we will start enabling the paid version (with 1 time fee > then a yearly fee to get updates) Beta users will get their first year free, so you can support us by inviting others :slight_smile:


@adham Awesome. Glad to know you guys have a monetising plan. What do you mean by updates? Is it like major updates or minor fixes? I assume the former, but want to get clarity on the matter :slight_smile:


I don’t get it. As already asked by @jbriones95 users will already paid 1 time payment for full lifetime access then what is the payment for updates. I need to pay for #ratio then again I need to pay for updates, 2 payments for same app one for access and one for updates. So not cool😎. Please clarify @adham. I wish it would be one time pay for full complete lifetime access. That would be nice and appreciated.

give some offers for beta users too.

I don’t think I will switch launcher again in my phone after using ratio for 20+ days. Thanks for making it. Please clarify the payment things.

Count me in as one of the early supporter. I would like to pay for this service and such a seamless beautiful launcher with tons of productive features. I wouldn’t mind investing in something that has potential and a stable future.


I’ll always be there as a sole supporter. Love RATIO :heart_eyes:

A single payment system isn’t sustainable for developers. They still need to live! So if its only a single payment for Full access + Updates, when the number of new, incoming users trickle off, they’ll start getting much less revenue from Ratio, and thus will not be able to continue supporting it and updating the app, which I’ll be very sad if that happens and support for Ratio ends. :worried:

So by implementing a First-time Access Fee (Justified for all the hardwork put beforehand for available features & stability) + Yearly Payment system, they’ll be able to continue providing support! (This is as they’ll have assured reliable income.) Its a win-win situation for both Developers and us Users!

The tricky situation is the adjustment in pricing. A high fee for first-time access, and a low, yearly fee for continual support.
Hope that the yearly fee will be low though, like ideally ~$1, though that’s probably not enough, unless they have a large user base so more like ~$5 (or even more [oh no]). :frowning:

Oh also hope that they’ll allow us to choose to end contribution for Ratio but keep on using the features provided at the last update for the year. Just that when we want to update to the latest version we need to pay up the amount of years we didn’t support them for.

I agree with the offer thing though! Please support & appreciate us too! (I’m sure y’all do :slight_smile:)

Let’s see. It didn’t work like that what you said. Let’s wait and watch how the payment would be.

And it also depends on what kind of paid features they are using in ratio. Like say weather API is a paid one. So they need to pay for that then subscription is fine. Like that how many they have paid apis it also depends on this. It’s too early to discuss on this. So please be patience @Aaavng

Sorry, I don’t understand you. Are you talking about the payment for getting the App? Or are you talking about something else? What do you mean by: it didn’t work like how I said?

Yes if there are any paid features then no arguments they’ll definitely have to use a paid subscription model, added on top of the one-time access fee they’ll charge (it said $30). However, what I’m saying can just be applied on top of that.
So from what I understand, you said you don’t want to have to continue paying for Ratio after the first upfront fee (one-time access fee). I’m trying to say that, I suggest they use this model: a one-time access fee, with a small yearly subscription fee to get access to updates.
Most payment models out there right now are mainly either: one-time access fees or monthly/yearly subscriptions. The one-time access fee model that was widely used back then is very unsustainable, because it is dependent on the regular influx of users purchasing the product. However, the subscription model is Firstly, very costly for Users, and Secondly, still slightly unreliable for the Developers, as it isn’t guaranteed that Users will continue using, and thus, paying for the product after the first month or year.

So, what I’m suggesting is that they combine both of these widely used models, and ensure that they’ll have a reliable source of revenue, and lower subscription fees for the Users, a win-win situation for both parties.

Alternatively, they (developers) may choose to adopt a model where: there is a fixed initial free-trial period and afterwards use the subscription model

There are many different business models out there. I’m just suggesting the one that I feel, will be good for both the developers + users, as the one-time access fee model is unsustainable, while the subscription model is very costly for users.

I agree. But let’s wait for Ratio for final srbsle release and then decide what is opt for paying for Ratio. Please be patience

Yup! Let’s all wait together!

This is a very old thread that doesn’t need to be bumped up. Let’s wait for the team to decide on monetising the app. Closed