Clicking on stuff is very buggy [UPDATED]

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When using ratio, clicking on anything is a pain. If my finger moves a millimeter to one side, it doesn’t register as a click. This is also especially annoying when I hold. Holding is much harder if I can’t move my finger slightly (due to me being human lol). This is very annoying and would make ratio useless for me if it continues. I’d be happy to report more feedback. Is this a ratio issue and do other people have it as well, or is it just me

Not an issue for me. What device and version are you using?

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OnePlus7TPro with Version 3.1.6 here

Never experienced such issue… What’s your setup? Did you root your phone or what not?

This is a weird one as I’ve tried to test it with a bit of a workaround so this may be interesting. If any devs are here, feel free to read this!
I’ve installed it on a Pixel 4 normally and it works with no problems. However, this isn’t my own phone. I have a Galaxy S8, which is rooted so I tried to hack my way around the device restrictions to test what would happen. I edited some prop values in the root directory to spoof as if it were a Pixel 4. Blloc Desk didn’t have a problem with installing the ratio. Everything looked fine and worked fine, except for the fact that any minute movement of my finger would cause the click to become a swipe. I assume this has something to do with the scaling of the app, and the fact that the S8 has an unusual aspect ratio. The best option would be for Blloc team to support the Galaxy S8 (that would be awesome). The next best thing would be to see why this occurs. I’ve also dug and found that the Pixel 4 and the S8 screens are nearly the same size (difference of 0.1 in) so it’s probably a problem with the strange aspect ratio, or how samsung handles touch response. Side note, I’ve tried changing the prop values to spoof it as if it were a Pixel 4 XL which has a bigger screen, thinking this might help with the aspect ratio problem, but they both have the same exact behaviour.
To elaborate more, I have a custom rom on that phone (Havoc OS) that’s really close to stock, and have the phone rooted by magisk. Thanks for listening to this small experiment. I hope this may have shed some light on a hidden bug or something, and hope it can be fixed!

After looking around, I’d have to test it when the ratio version for the Pixel 3a comes out to see whether or not this is a problem with the aspect ratio as the Galaxy S8 and Pixel 3a both have the same exact aspect ratio

New Update: I think I’ve found where the problem is. I’m not specifically sure, but I don’t think the issue is with the aspect ratio.
I was tinkering around with the developer options hoping to find something so I turned on the option to “Show layout bounds” which basically shows you borders of every element on the screen. I opened ratio and saw the bounds normally around all elements. However, there was one thing which caught my eye. As I scrolled down a bit just enough to hide the heading of the first drawer, there was a large rectangle with an X that goes across the whole screen. From what I can assume, this is some sort of container. When this X is present on screen, I can click everything normally and this little annoying bug doesn’t happen anymore. I wonder why that is. I’ve noticed that whenever I come up to the top of the home screen, it’s as if the top drawer snaps downwards. When this happens, the large X on the screen disappears again and the issue is present all over again. I’ll try to record how this happens and attach a video of it here

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This issue has been resolved after the 3.1.9 update. If any devs have seen this post, thanks for listening. If not, then this note that this was fixed maybe by fixing another issue. Thanks!

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