Checking for Blloc Desk Connection

The notification ‘Checking for Blloc Desk Connection’ keeps popping up every so often, even though the Blloc Desk connection is turned off in Ratio settings. How do I stop this from happening?


Please change this to bug reports :slight_smile:

It seems you found a bug!

i never got that. please report in bugs if that happened so often. try restart ratio and restart phone. if that does not help raise a bug

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I too never got such an error. Have been using the launcher from 2 days

I got it too. It keeps popping up every now and then

Am new here, what is the procedure for reporting this as a bug?

Use the edit option for your post

You should post bugs in the bug report section, not general. For now you can edit title.

Have you tried restarting ratio & your device? clearing app cache helps in many instances.