Change accent color

Hi there,
I have used ratio for a long now,
I want to see an option to change accent color as this yellow green color doesn’t matches with my wallpaper and phone’s accent color.

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Hi, when you say accent color what exactly are you referring to in your screenie.
If you mean the Drawer Category Name accent color that cannot be changed but if you are referring to the Staus bar color which I think you are then yes that can be changed with a third party app, I’ve changed mine successfully.

No i mean this yellow color everywhere in app, almost in every element of this app, i dont like this. And it also doesn’t match to my phone default “Google blue” accent color.

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Hi, well you can certainly change the ones you’ve circled but not the Root widgets highlight color.
Tiles accent color can be changed by holding down on a tile to open the sub menu then select Bright, Dark, Marker or Classic mode.
What cannot be done yet is to choose a custom accent color although it would be a nice option.


Personally, I didn’t like the yellow at first, but as I use Ratio more, it has grown on me and I am loving it more than my previous favourite colour: Blue
Though I understand different people have different preferences~


It’s not about the color, but having same color in all the apps is a must for me, also it conflicts with my system ui component’s color.
Just want to regain the universality.

Yeah, so I themed my phone with #Hex theme :sweat_smile:

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Just like that :sunglasses:

They heard you!


when do we get this update?

Saw in the blloc’s insta story yesterday, no idea about the release

Okay, let me know when it’s up.