Can't verify license on phone after verifying and installing from Blloc desk

After installing the Ratio using Blloc desk. There is a error when trying verify on phone.

Error: Unexpected end of stream on connection

Device: One plus 7T Pro

Refer the screenshot for complete error


Could you please Reboot your phone and see what happens. This may be an issue of verification with the servers. Reboot your phone and update here when done. Thank you!

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Cool, Works now :grinning:

Works after restarting device.


I have the same issue but my phone is oneplus 7t…could you please help me out

Can you please reboot your phone? Thank you!

I had One plus 7T Pro

Just restart your phone after installing and try to verify. Also try to change the network connection.

done… thankyou for your support

i initially had the same problem (google pixel 3a), rebooted, now I get the message ‘code not valid’…

if I try the same code on the desktop app (windows) the message ‘Code not found or assigned to another phone’ shows up.

The code has a dash in it, might that be tripping it up?

Heyy there… just curious to know when the tree section is coming to ratio

@sndpnaidu95 Please check the Roadmap post. Thank you!