Can't update Z18

Hey there… After some time I wanted to check out if there’s some update for my Z18. It tells me there is – 3.2.4

First I tried using Blloc Desk (v0.8.1) but it just shows me an error (see screenshot)
Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-26 um 10.56.00

Next I used the system update on my Z18. But I’m stuck here on v3.1.2 BETA an no message to download a newer version. Even if Blloc Mode tells me there is a newer version available…

Any ideas?

Maybe you could provide me a full image to be copied onto the SD card and update through recovery mode…

UPDATE: I installed the Windows version of Blloc Desk and was able to download v3.2.4 with Googl services. But… Why is the display of message and image cut off? No chance to click the „Next“-button… :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Perhaps you can use BllocFlash instead of Blloc Desk. I had the same problem as you, I also couldn’t see the next button. Using BllocFlash I was able to update to 3.2.4.

Thanks for this info… Do you have a download-link for this?

Hope this helps.

Okay… First of all I didn’t think of the wiki – my bad… But thanks for the reminding link @auminoz
Next I was able to move on during the BllocFlash screens but unfortunately still wasn’t able to do a proper update.

After some thinking I decided to start my Z18 into recovery mode do a complete factory reset and after some rough restart action and somehow freezing startups finally the device came up with the first welcome screen.

After that I had to setup things like WiFi again and boom there was the hardly awaited update message for 3.2.4 in the updates section.

Now I was able to download this update and after some restarts during the update I’m now on v3.2.4 and happy. A little odyssey but with a good ending. :slight_smile:

I admit that I am a little bit shocked you had such a challenging update procedure. The Zero 18 is not Ratio after all and not a beta product as far as I remember. Not to say it’s out there for quite some time now.

Well, probably doesn’t happen to that many Zero 18 owners and if it’s only one or a few cases it’s nothing to be that shocked about but still…a complete factory reset…wouldn’t like to do that on my phone…

Hey… The first thing might have been that I was on v3.1.2 Beta and maybe that was the tricky part. The second thing is the lucky situation that the Z18 is more like a secondary phone that has no relevant data on it so there is nothing to destroy on… But that was a good learning path… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Does the zero 18 get timely security patches still?

The actual version is v3.2.4 and the actual security patch is July 1st, 2020. So they are quite up to date…