Cant seem to install ratio again

i uninstalled ratio because i was facing some issues but now i cant install it again using blloc desk.

What error are you getting? Can you elaborate or provide any screenshots?

i am am not getting errors in the installation process. The installation process ends and and its says connecting to wifi in the final step and the process ends like it did the very first time but oi dont get ratio on my phone. I removed blloc desk and installed it again but that made no difference

Is ratio in your app list or there isn’t any?

i checked multiple times. its not in my app list

Can you please let me now

  1. Which device you are using?
  2. Are there multiple user profiles on your device?
  3. What is the status on Sync & Devices on BllocDesk?

If you are having multiple user profiles enabled, ensure you uninstalled ratio from all the profiles.

i am on OP 7PRO
yes there re multiple users on my phone
as i have reinstalled the blloc desk currently there is no device connected and nothing on the sync tab.

There lies the issue. As there are multiple profiles on your device, BllocDesk considers that ratio is already installed on the device. Fix is that you need to uninstall ratio from every user profile.

Thank you very much for the help.

Did you get it working?

Yes. its running now. thank you very much.

Great, Happy to help.